How to upload recorded videos

Japanese follows English.

Regulation of on-demand video

  • Video format : MPEG4-AVC/H.264
  • Maximum size of a video : 2GB
  • Maximum number of video : 1
  • Recommended aspect ratio : 16:9 (wide screen size)
  • File name : PresentationID.mp4

How to upload videos

You will receive folder sharing invitation of Dropbox by E-mail from online meeting specific Dropbox account. Please access URL written in the invitation E-mail. Then, login to Dropbox using existing account or newly sign-up to Dropbox. If you upload video file, the file will be automatically imported to online meeting specific Vimeo account and URL for embedding the video will be provided at complete oral or poster presentation list page within online meeting website. Finally, please embed the provided URL to your topic of oral or poster presentation in the forum.


  • 動画フォーマット : MPEG4-AVC/H.264
  • 最大動画サイズ : 2GB
  • 最大動画数 : 1
  • 推奨縦横比 : 16:9 (横長)
  • ファイル名 : 講演ID.mp4