For oral presenters

Japanese follows English.

Regulation of oral session

  • Presentation tool : Zoom (Webinar)
  • Recommended aspect ratio : 16:9 (4:3 is no problem)
  • Maximum length of title : 150 characters (Longer title must be truncated in input form and please show full title in presentation)
  • Recommended length of abstract : 150 words

How to make “topic” of your oral presentation in this site

At first, check your oral presentation ID (e.g. OP001) based on complete oral presentation list, and visit oral session forum corresponding to your oral presentation. Then, scrolling down, you can find input form named as “Create New Topic in FORUM NAME”. Please input your presentation title to “Topic Title” as the following format.

OP001 Presentation title

Then, input abstract of your presentation to the body text input field. You can add additional explanations and embed links such as YouTube, Twitter and others, if needed. Finally, click “SUBMIT” button.

You can edit your topic as many times as you want until hh:mm of YYYY-MM-DD (Japan Standard Time).

How to start your presentation using Zoom

Speaker will receive an invitation E-mail with URL for your Zoom session described. Please follow the URL on the invitation E-mail and enter the Zoom session room no later than 20 min. before the opening time. For logging into the zoom webinar or meeting, a hard-wired Internet connection is preferable. For a stable connection, please avoid using a wireless Internet, if possible. We also recommend using USB plug-in headset with a microphone instead of a built-in microphone.


  • プレゼンテーションツール : Zoom (Webinar)
  • 推奨縦横比 : 16:9 (4:3でも問題はありません)
  • タイトルの長さ : 150字まで(超える場合は入力フォームには切り詰めて書いて下さい。正式なタイトルは講演中に表示して下さい)
  • 要旨の長さ(推奨) : 500字まで


まず、口頭発表一覧から口頭発表ID (たとえばOP001など)を確認して下さい。IDに対応する口頭セッションフォーラムがあるので、適切なものを選んで開いて下さい。フォーラムのページ下部にスクロールすると、「Create New Topic in FORUM NAME」という入力フォームがあるので、「Topic Title」に口頭発表タイトルを下記の形式で入力して下さい。

OP001 Presentation title


なお、日本時間のYYYY-MM-DD hh:mmまで何度でも編集可能です。